Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kentucky Equine Humane Center

The question about what happens to unwanted horses has been on my mind and heart for the last week or so. Pursuing the answer I called Lori Neagle, Executive Director of the Kentucky Equine Humane Center.

Lori told me, "We [KyEHC] provide an option for people who have nowhere to go, who can't keep their horses." People can't keep their horses for many reasons and must do something with their horse. Some of the reasons include bankruptcy, high costs of living, and other stresses in the lives of the owners. Usually, the horses are not sellable. Sometimes they are old, sometimes they are injured, but other times, the owner simply does not have time to sell the horse.

Lori went on to explain most horse coming through the Center will go on to be pleasure or trail horses because injuries will prevent them from jumping. They come from all different areas – from the racetrack, animal control, as well as farms. "They all deserve a second chance," said Lori.

What really pulled at my heart was when Lori told me, every horse that comes through simply asks one thing: "Give me an opportunity."

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