Thursday, October 13, 2011


I realize that it has been over five months since I last posted. Although this - maintaining this blog - was a class assignment and the class is over, I have thought several time about updating it. Several farriers and athletes responded with their thoughts or knowledge after I completed the assignments -- too late to be included in the pieces. Even so, I aim to post them up here soon!

Driving home from school this past summer, my dad and I passed through Leadville, Colorado! I was so excited. It was beautiful! Since my dad picked the route we drove, I didn't realize we would pass through until we were approaching Leadville. Even though we didn't stop, we drove through an area with a long standing skijoring tradition - one of the oldest skijoring traditions! That made me happy. Now I want to go back!

The water looked frozen!

One mile outside of Leadville!

Breckenridge, I think?
Leadville's ski joring takes place in March - so start planning now!
Start planning for March 3rd and 4th in 2012!

If you want to know what happens in Leadville off-skijoring season here is a tourism site that looks pretty informative and has some pretty pictures.

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